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Wings iNet Technologies (I) Private Limited was founded in 2007 to develop innovative products in the field of Information and Technology. We specialize in the development and implementation of wireless distributed network applications with latest cutting edge technologies. We generate solutions that provide a fusion of business practices and technology strategies. Our approach focuses on implementing seamless solutions for your business needs.

We follow the right methodology for each scenario thereby generating substantial value to our customers by reducing time-to-market and insuring a high level of predictability in time, cost and quality. The focus of the company is to provide complete end-to-end solutions to hospitality and education industry through its innovative approach. Read more...


Wireless restaurant order management solution, A complete restaurant billing software with restaurant Point of Sale

CaptainPad is the cutting edge technological wireless solution for automating the order execution processes, in hotels and restaurants.

Why CaptainPad™ ?

  • Increased Table Turnover, Sales and Profitability.
  • Maximum Staff utilization.
  • Fast Operation and More Satisfying Customers.
  • Less walking, staff can concentrate on their job

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India's first MCQ's testing platfrom on Mobile and Computer for competitive Examination. Best for Student and Teachers

With Test Hub, one can use the mobile phone and turn it into his personal guru. One can take practice tests for competitive exams on both.

Why Testhub ?

  • India's first testing platform, works on PC & Mobile.
  • Fast access, less data download.
  • No internet connection required, once download
  • High quality preparatory tests with solutions

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India's first platform to take objective type tests On Electronic Answer Sheet (AnswerPad)

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Why AnswerPad ?

  • An Electronic Answer sheet
  • A LCD with interactive keys.
  • Very thin, handy, reliable robust & touch technology.
  • A complete Result Management System

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